Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Girls.

What do you think of the brand new makeover of Kleio? We hope that the new look will also bring a bit more structure to make your whole shopping experience that much more enjoyable and relaxing! ;)

After Blu Collection *Newbie*

Summer Print
Price: RM 35

Block dresses are always an awesome essential to have. It is suitable for petites as the black band helps elongates your legs. It is much more awesome for lankier girls as it gives emphasis on your legs and makes your waist shorter and much more balanced. And wow, I do love the fresh prints on the skirt! Gives it that carefree girl look, no? And the price is such a steal too! ;)



Mandarin Babydoll Dress
Price: RM45

Whilst fashion is all about the fun, we like to keep things sophisticated and timeless as well. You know those pesky shift dresses that only stick thin girls can pull off? Well don't fret, this number right here beats that statement to a pulp. With a little tug at the waist, people without supermodel figures like us can try on this timeless look too! 



The Herve

Price: RM56

So do you dare go shocking pink? This number is awesome for girls with too wide shoulders and wish to make them look a little less awkward. The straps brings the eyes straight to the long neck and the second strap keeps the whole look balanced and gives that illusion of a not-so-broad shoulders. The cutting looks pretty flattering too! What makes or breaks a garment is always depending a cutting that flatters your body shape.


Bohemian Safari

Price: RM70

All for drama with a flirty punch? Maxi dresses never fail to bring on the drama and glamor. And that leopard print? It brings that inner jungle cat and sexy vibe in you. This is worth the splurge if you are all for sexy without bearing too much. And this is one of the rare dresses that can pull off a full on leopard print without looking too.... erm... Jersilicious? 


A Chic Store

Polka Dots Vintage Dress- Peach
Price: RM59

I always had a thing for vintage things. And nothing screams vintage like polka dots! This quirky and care free number has such a endearing charm and appeal to it, it is hard to say no! The draping on the top of the dress helps tone down for bustier girls and adds that wind swept beach California girl! ;)


Oozora Tang

ozrC_610 Reddish Spell
Price: RM58

All for floral prints? This endearing little number will give you that innocent girl charm! Though its hard to pull off such a complicated print like this, it is advisable to cinch at the waist with a thicker plain belt or a cardigan to tone it down a notch. But hey, to each their own opinion -you could wear it without the belt too! But do try not to wear any accessories at the neck area, this dress is a stand alone wonder. :)


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