Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daily Blogfind: Notbook-Nutbuk

Stationary junkies like me can cheer in glee as the featured blogshop of the day is introduced:


If you are a sucker for cute and customized stationaries, you will adore Notbook-Notbuk. They have absolutely the most adorable things and at the most affordable price too!

Fancy some funky planners?

Or maybe you are more of a notebook type?

A jazzed up clock to tell the time maybe? 

The main catalyst that sparked the idea of a blogshop was when owner Kricia started making notebooks as gifts for her friends. From there, it grew into something that she did quite often -she began making notebooks for herself, her relatives and friends. So why not bring it up a notch, and share her passion with the rest of the world?

Expected updates: Once or twice in a week ( or more! )

The prices range from a little over RM20 to as low as RM12! So students don't have to worry about it burning a whole in your wallet! ;) So scoot your cursor over to the blue link up there, and go give Notbook-nutbuk a click! It's so cute, it will be such a waste to not pay them a visit!


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