Saturday, January 1, 2011

First of Everything

Happy New Year! ;) 

You know, new year represents so many things to many different people. To most, it is the beginning of a new phase -think college days. College and school days are starting for some (myself included) and well, the major dilemma for many people are -what am I going to wear?

A friend of mine thinks that dresses are wayy to dressy for college. Well, I think you can SO strut a dress on the hallways of campus. :) Fashion is all about breaking boundaries anyways. :D

A Model Studio

Casual Structure ams1834
Price: RM46

Forget about blending in, honey. You didn't buy a good outfit only to be forgotten five minutes later. Dresses are pretty awesome stuff. :) For college, maybe you don't want to be too flashy and be a little come off-ish. Opt for a more casual looking dress. Plus to inject a little formal feel to your outfit, a structured casual dress is perfect for the first day of college! 


 Fashion Nerds

Circle of Elegance
Price: RM19
It is almost a blend between the retro funk and future chic! Plus side it is very easy to match with your outfit. It bubbles with so much fun and sophistication, this necklace is a definite must have! And my oh my, look at the price -what a steal. :)

All Things You Must Have

Quilted Bags
Price: RM35
Sure you have your bag packs and books and files, so you will stow them away in your locker, then what? This is where this gorgeous baby comes in. A clutch or a sling bag, style it according to your outfit! Perfect size for essentials, like stationaries, phones and little notepads. It's not only suitable for college, you can bring this baby to the streets too! 

Emcee Couture
Price: RM59

If you are feeling a tad rebellious, you can try this piece. People tell me you should dress more maturely when going to college. Feeling cheeky? Try this little number on! I love this piece because it is so sweet and demure with a tang of childhood fun! Plus, it is rebellious without being too outrageously ridiculous like Lady Gaga! It is suitable for a day out in the sun too, not just plain old college. And it brings the whole serious-college-girl look a little life and spin too! :)

Le Mode Maison

Whitney Bodycon

Price: RM 49

Okay, fine, maybe not so much for college. But I simply love this dress! Bodycon dresses are always the best choice if you want to show off your curves and look sexy without trying too hard. And that criss-cross and slightly structured part, so Kim Kardashian. Yes?


Oozora Tang

Bewitch Skirt

Price: RM20
Skirts are a more casual and laid back option if dresses are too much for you. Try a deep navy shade like this one embellished with a cool belt. Match with a plain top and go bold with accessories! Go with quality and not quantity! Get bold and attention seeking ones that compliment the motive of the belt. One tip if you still insist on many accessories -once you are done piling up, look in the mirror and take off the last accessory that you put on! (Yes, a wise advice from Coco Chanel herself! )


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