Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daily Blogfind: Glamouree

If you are a stickler for that perfect look and be the one with impeccable taste in fashion, you should probably give Glamouree a click and look-see. :)

Cardigans are oh-so cute, no? :)
Here is an extract from the owner herself, on what made her to take the decision of starting a blogshop:

To me, fashion has always been this captivating force of inspiration allowing individuals to express themselves without having to say a single word. Being a shopaholic with way too much spare time on her hands, most of my free time is spent memorizing reading fashion magazines, scouting fashion blogs for the latest trends and dreaming of, one day, owning my own shopping mall :P All this overflowing “adventures” I have eventually motivated me to open up my own little blog shop, Glamouree, where I hope to inspire individuals with what inspires me. The shop features dresses, tops, accessories and handmade items all handpicked by me with love <3 

 We love her enthusiasm and passion in fashion no? :) Updates are expected every Friday with mini splashes of updates in between.  

Cute accessories are to be expected too! :)
And we love the fact that they are hand-made too! :)
So what are you waiting for? Go give this blogshop a click! :)


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